Economic Development

Globally, cities and regional areas face challenging economic and competitive issues that governments alone can’t solve.  The good news is that networks of regional leaders such as; mayors, governors, business leaders, educators, and philanthropists are stepping up and powering these economies forward.
Regional and local leaders are doing the hard work to help expand job growth and make their communities more competitive and prosperous.  Investing in infrastructure, making manufacturing a priority, and helping equip workers with skills needed to attract growing enterprises are some of the strategies regional leaders are focusing on.
Cedi Capital Partners views this as an opportunity, to not only invest in undervalued companies, but to also contribute to towards the resurgence of underperforming economies. 

Cedi Capital Partners goal is to not only produce excellent returns for our investing partners, but to invest in businesses that can have a transformative effect on the regional or local economies where they operate.
We feel that by focusing on underserved regions that have developed or are in the process of developing strong resource or intelligence clusters, the companies that we invest in can take advantage of such resources and cost incentives, and thereby help fuel the return profile of our investments.