Impactful Investing

Experienced Eye for Opportunity
Cedi Capital  goes to great lengths to identify opportunities and mitigate risk.  This is accomplished through extensive market research, detailed company diligence and a thorough understanding of the value drivers and execution dynamics of each opportunity that we create.
Cedi Capital focuses on creating debt and equity investment opportunities in healthcare products and services, transportation, distribution, consumer products, advanced manufacturing, technology, alternative energy, and financial services businesses. 

Our objective is to preserve capital through asset quality and investment structure while helping companies to build long-term capital appreciation.

We create investment opportunities in companies with real assets in demonstrated market sectors that offer unique situations, proven managerial expertise, securable assets and / or distributable cash.        
More Than Investors; Partners
Cedi Capital works closely with management teams, helping them to enhance and develop their businesses while partnering with experienced financial investors and investment banking firms. We see ourselves as an active partner ready to deploy all the skills and resources of Cedi Capital for the benefit of the companies in our portfolio as well as for our trusted investment partners.

Cedi Capital was founded by experienced managers that can offer creative solutions to most corporate development situations.  Our experience dose not end with our understanding of the  capital markets.  We have deep operational experience as well as capabilities in developing opportunities like mergers or acquisitions.

Cedi Capital can provide comprehensive transaction advice as well as crisis management guidance.  Our team keeps up on the latest regulatory trends and can walk clients through the various “bumps in the road” that come along with build a growing company.    
We Work to Produce Returns by;
Understanding the value drivers and execution dynamics to confirm that our skill sets bring value to the investment. We focus on opportunities that require our expertise to add value to the investment.

Managing each investment opportunity activley to maximize value. We partner with management teams to bring value to the investment through our strategic relationships, sales and marketing strategies, expertise in financial transactions, efficient tax and legal structure, reporting, and back office capacity.

Leveraging long term financial relationships to raise additional the capital necessary to properly capitalize each portfolio investment.

Researching "Fallen Angels".  Small-Cap companies that have a fundamentally sound operating business and/or business model but have underperformed as a publicly traded company.